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Bistro Manager - All you need for your business

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About Bistro Manager

Your long search for a suitable POS system should end here!

  Dbine has created and powered Bistro Manager, with the intention to lead the way in POS programs & Management Systems for hospitality. We have successfully developed our POS program by collecting and fusing together suggestions and feedbacks from hospitality industry users. But that doesn’t stop there. We are still keeping our eyes and ears open for any new innovation and technology that can be implemented to make DBine System even greater. We want to be able to offer our product and service across the globe, starting with local users.

  Our POS system include features from user friendly Cash & Card Payment Transaction, Table Positioning, Discount Calculator, Categorised Items, Picture Displays, Savings Drafts, Viewing Rosters to Membership & more.

  But what is management system?
Management system provide tools to maintain and improve each area of your business. Increase productivity via important features embedded in the program, such as Human Resource & Inventory management, Promotional Camapaign, Sales & Transactions Report, and many other necessary tools.
So take a ride with us and let us show you what we can do.



Log purchases & membership points to keep in touch with customers through marketing tools.


Manage cafe or restaurant layout with Table Position option.

Integrated Payment

Operate EFTPOS machines more conveniently. Tyro EFTPOS can be connected to the Bistro Manager to avoid any unexpected errors on the EFTPOS machine. Not to mention lower transaction fees than your current bank.

Table Layout

Manage cafe or restaurant layout with Table Position option.


System provides various smart reports by periods (daily, weekly, annually), and easy to analyse tables & graphs to monitor progress and change.

Online Reservation & Order

Allow customers make a Reservations or Orders through your website.

Preset Time

You can preset promotion sale time for selected dishes on Menu. Or just simply set available serving time for individual dishes.

SMS Invoice

Customers can receive their invoice to their mobile phone via SMS - Save the trees! Allow customers to recall and review their invoice anytime.

Human Resource

Bistro Manager provides a platform for you to manage staff and their schedules, clearly presented on a Calendar. Individual staff access with their own ID and multi level security access.


Compatible with multi-devices

Bistro manager is compatible with different operating systems, depending on each purpose can operate using different devices.

Tablets & iPads- Place on each table so customer can access Menu and order on their own.

Mobile Devices - Wait Staff can use to make customer’s order or customers can use their own mobile device to Login to restaurant’s Menu and order themselves via QR code access.

Display Monitors - Mainly use for Kitchen Monitor, Control Centre or for additional Cashier/Ordering location.

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